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Hi, I'm Trevor, the owner of Advanced Supps. We're a Central PA-based company that's offering you the very best in supplements and customer service!

We don't carry the biggest brands.

Why? I'm sure you know, a lot of them are just about selling stuff and making money. Many companies over-hype the products they sell and it makes it hard to distinguish the really good products from the bad ones. The smaller brands we carry are privately owned by people who have put their livelihoods on the line to make the best products possible and sell them for a great price. Higher quality, better ingredients, and stronger dosages is what comes from this. These are literally owners who talk to their customers every day and get direct feedback to make their products as good as possible. 

We don't automate our customer service.

Why? Well, as I was rebuilding AdvancedSupps.com, I was seeing all of the applications and programs that could automate almost everything for the online store. I have not had very good experiences with other online stores because of exactly this. I want to get to know my customers one-on-one and help them out as much as possible, so I purposely have chosen to ignore automating the sales process here at AdvancedSupps.com. I want to always maintain the best direct customer service as possible for everyone.

We'll beat anyone's price by at least $1.

Why? Because we want to! We're doing everything possible to earn your support. We're a very small business trying to make our mark on the supplement industry with a 100% honest staff and amazing products. I get it. Most people shop online because of price. If a price is lower online, many people would rather save the few $$$ than support local shops. With us, you can do both. Support a small business here in Central PA trying to help out our community as much as possible, and still get the best prices on the market. We try to stay the absolute best priced around but if you ever see anything lower, let me know at info@advancedsupps.com and I'll make sure we beat it for you, no problem!

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